Help yourself with buzzreader, a multi-lingual online reputation service.

What does the internet say about a company? A product? A brand? A professional? A person? A theme? An ad campaign?

Where they speak, how much they speak, with who and what they say?

One’s “online reputation” depends on the information, the comments, and news that can be easily found on the net just writing the name of a product, a company or a person. It’s the traditional concept of reputation with the difference that it cannot be controlled, it remains as an undeletable trace, at times with a superior index of virality diffused by its users.

What can you monitor with our services?

  • Your brand
    (brand monitoring, brand protection)
  • What is said about your products (sentiments, pricing, distribution, defects, new functionality, etc…)
  • Your ad campaigns (digital and non digital)
  • The competition
    (products, people, campaigns, etc…)
  • The opinions (or conversations) of users/clients relative to a specific theme
  • The direction of new trends
  • Risk factors relative to your reputation (ex. Banks)
  • The buzz relative to a professional, a manager or a public figure
  • Examples of
    our analysis

    Esempi di analisi

    What do we intend by online reputation?


    Buzzreader offers an online reputation monitoring service through the survey and evaluation of the “buzz” surrounding the chosen theme. The analysis is conducted with the help of the Buzzreader Engine © platform that acquires and analyses thousands of documents (sites, blogs, groups, news, books, videos) and therefore is able to map an outline of words, expressions and most common concepts.

    The important documents are read by a team of internet experts that examine their content, expressions, reoccurrences, connections and dynamics of their relationships, making their eventual critiques emerge. To resolve the negative critiques we create a “corrective” plan of action.

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