Buzzreader’s service comes in three phases:

Ricerca e analisi quantitativa

Quantitative research and analysis

Lettura e analisi qualitativa

Quality deduction and analysis

Redazione del report di sintesi

Preparation of summarized report

Phase 1:

In the first phase the Buzzreader Engine © platform analyses the entire substance of the documents (sites, blogs, groups, news, books, videos, etc), then traces a map of words, expressions, and concepts tied to the particular theme.

Phase 2:

In the second phase the most important documents are read by a team of internet experts that examine their contents, expressions, reoccurrences, connections and dynamics of their relationships to determine its “sentiment” (the level of negativity, neutrality and positivity).

Phase 3:

The third phase offers the synthesis of the information in a report. The immense quantity of the analyzed and cataloged data is summarized and displayed in the form of graphs and descriptions. The critical issues are highlighted and proposed for corrective action.