Buzzreader Engine © is a
platform that explores the net

searching for information surrounding the chosen subject of analysis, that also interfaces with search engines. It acquires data making a copy (mirror) that will be successively analyzed. The sources of the search can be websites, blogs, forums, newsgroups, social media, social networks, news, etc.

Buzz Reader Servers


find, archive, order, …

Buzzreader Engine © finds, archives and orders: themed nodes, expressions, pertinent keywords, sources of the net (past or present) where the object of our research has been treated, discussed and criticized.

Once the data has been acquired in the server, this “raw material” is elaborated under a profile of expressions, making conceptual and semantic maps and counts of the reoccurrences. The first graphical representations are created to obtain a quantitative synthesis.

The results of this phase are saved for the successive phase, the quality analysis of the more complex and relevant documents.